Zac Pack

Wolfgang Zac

Director. Photographer.

Enjoys reading books about quantum physics without understanding a word and getting tattooed while listening to David Bowie. And he loves road trippin’ with his beautiful wife.


Booked worldwide for international fashion, advertising and lifestyle shoots. Studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Based in Los Angeles and Berlin.

Claudia Delpin

CEO. DoP. Creative Partner.

Over-organized lover of palm trees and otters, maps and roller coasters. Worked in the international advertising and marketing industry for over two decades.


Together with her husband Wolfgang Zac, they are Tandem Rogue. Oh, and she also has a master’s degree in Law.

Uschi Roittner

CMO. Head of Strategy.

When not climbing Kilimanjaro, running marathons, volunteering in Laos, dancing hard to techno, or searching for the last unicorn, Uschi is getting down to business.


Wielding her Strategic Management powers, she specializes in marketing and corporate responsibility for international projects and clients. Besides her MBA she holds a Master of Arts in Responsible Management.

Karl Dunn


Global creative director, TV writer, author, dog-sitter extraordinaire. Always somewhere, writing something. A global nomad, armed with a laptop and 25 years running brands, he’s most at home pretty much anywhere.


A long-time collaborator with the Zac team, Karl is now an official member. And handles all the word stuff. Former global lead on Levi’s, Asics, and Mini Cooper, today he is often sought by brands seeking a relaunch – from strategy and new tagline right through to final creative work.